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The treatment landscape for HIV is always changing. Recently, we learned about two new GENERIC combination treatments, Simfi Lo, and Cimduo. (No, we didn’t make those names up.) As some HIV drugs are aging past their patent protection, we are seeing several become available in generic form. This is a big deal, but does come with some caution because older drugs are not always better for the patient.

“The Fair Pricing Coalition (FPC), an ad hoc coalition of HIV and hepatitis C virus (HCV) activists, welcomes the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approvals and launches for Mylan’s Cimduo and Symfi Lo, with benchmark prices 40 percent lower than those of comparator drugs.  Cimduo and two efavirenz-based products join a number of off-patent antiretrovirals (ARVs) – both generic and brands – entering the U.S. market that can potentially increase competition and lead to lower prices for purchasers and payors.”

Read the full Fair Pricing Coalition article at fairpricingcoalition.org